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Casino Software Management Tools

Fancy and exciting games are only one part of running a successful gaming operation. The other part is having a backend management system that provides your employees with the tools to create real-time, customizable reports with information when they need it and how they need it.

Our Management System provides the most extensive reports and tools in the industry. Furthermore, it works across all game types so you can manage records and reports individually or as a whole. The Management System provides access to detailed accounting, customer management, reporting, marketing and promotional features.

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Key Management Tools
The administration area of our system is a fully customizable console for enabling online Poker Room owners and administrators to easy perform control and management of all the system processes. The intuitively perceivable interface guarantees fast and easy access and administration of every process taking place in the system.

Administration area is used to realize the following management and administrative functions:
System adjusting and configuration
User profiles viewing and managing
Game management
Blocking and deleting user profiles
Transactions viewing
Game statistics viewing
Other administrative functions

Examples of our tools in use:

Player Tracking System - The Player Tracking System lets operators monitor the performance of various marketing campaigns by following the activity of the player from their initial click-through all the way to their actual game play.

Toolbox - A detailed, web-based control center that provides extensive reporting capabilities, player control features, transaction monitoring, and an array of other applications to ensure complete management insight and satisfaction.

Player Bonus Flexibility - Bonuses can be based on initial deposits, additional deposits, birthday dates, or amounts of play. They can also be given as a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the deposit received.

Affiliate Program - The affiliate program is a two-tiered, player referral program that was designed to serve as the cornerstone of each operator's marketing campaign. Of course, payout parameters are solely up to the operator.

Web Design - Offering a full range of web development services, the company's staff provides the latest in cutting-edge technology and design while offering functional, fast loading and visitor-friendly web sites.

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